About HGB Green Designs

Happy Greens and Blooms (HGB Green Designs) was set up in January 2015 with the objective of providing aesthetically designed green space for different categories of clients.We provide a wide range of plant services to cater to our different client requirements across corporates, farmhouse owners, shop and business establishments, residential buildings, balconies and terrace flats. We bring in high element of aesthetics in each of our project to give it a distinctive style, while fitting with Client’s specific requirements and the ambience of the space.

We are connected with various suppliers and service providers in this industry and have the infrastructure to provide complete greening services.

We are conscious of the ecological aspects and try to leverage the organic methods wherever possible.

Meet Prema Aiyer

Walk into Happy Greens and Blooms Plants Nursery store any day and embrace the feeling of tropical green all around. Entrepreneur Prema Aiyer has turned her life long passion for plants into a blooming nursery business. Her fascination and love for plants grew in her teens and she loved to spend her time nurturing the plants and beautifying the limited green space.

She has many happy memories to recall, of the weekend trips wandering around the local nursery, plant exhibitions, botanical gardens, or simply gazing at the balconies and windowsills of people’s homes and making a mental note of different ways of beautifying ones green space. Happy Greens and Blooms was born from these everyday inspirations. After working in the consulting industry for nearly 2 decades, she decided to follow her passion and set-up Happy Greens and Blooms.

A strong aesthetic design approach, a sense of beauty and love for plants, are the driving forces behind everything she does at Happy Greens and Blooms.

To her, every Client greening project is special and distinctive. She loves combining different plants with custom-made planters and artefacts to create a visually appealing green space. The end result for each client is an individually crafted, beautiful garden or landscape that is alive, engaging and delighting the senses.

Our service and Product offerings

  • Designing interior and exterior plants space and providing complete greening service
  • Creating as well as procuring specialized planters (wooden, ceramic fiber and high grade plastics) and accessories (artificial grass, stones & pebbles, decor items, light fittings etc.) to go with the decor and design of the client environment
  • Selecting best quality plants and placement of plants as per the environment of the customer, including air purifying indoor plants
  • Plant maintenance and gardener services for our customers
  • Implementing greening projects including vertical green wall or living wall with or without automated drip irrigation
  • Supplying wide varieties of plants, organic soil mix, fertilizers etc.
  • Creating green gift hampers for special occasions and events of our customers

Representative experience

  • Complete office greening for a Private Equity firm based in Mumbai. Supply of more than 300 air purifying and colorful indoor plants to enhance the office ambience
  • Office greening for a Technology and Services Company based in Mumbai. Supply and maintenance of more than 50 air purifying plants
  • Vertical Greening for a Pharma company incorporating their Logo design
  • Greening for Pharma distribution company in their indoor and outdoor areas
  • Residential balconies and terrace area green makeovers for more than 60 clients
  • Designing and landscaping for large farm houses
  • Designing decorative Fiber planters and outdoor plants placements for a large farm house
  • Installations of vertical garden for over 15 clients